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Welcome to the site of the refugees and displaced people from the district of kyrenia in Cyprus. Welcome to the site of the victims of the barbaric ethnic cleansing which took place on the doorstep of Europe, in 1974, following a military invasion by neighbouring Turkey.

The victims of this aggression, proclaim:
The occupied land shall never be abandoned in the hand of the invaders. We shall pursue and intensify our struggle for freedom. Any solution imposed on us, attempting to legalise the fait- accombli created by the force of arms in 1974 and the unilateral partitionist acts of Turkey, since, shall be null-and void, by the letter of International Law, and shall not be binding on us. As victims of the most brutal ethnic cleansing which took place on the doorstep of Europe, in 1974, we claim our liberation, with the withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces, the removal of all Turkish settlers , the restoration of the Sovereignty and Authority of the Government of Cyprus all over the Island and the restoration of everybody’s Human Rights, Greeks Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and any other legitimate citizen of Cyprus.

Welcome to our Website and, please, spare some of your time and learn about the case of the most flagrant violation of Human Rights, following the creation of the U.N. as we know it today, and the Universal Declaration for Human Rights which supposedly, were set up, after the second World War II, in order to prevent repetition of invasions of one country against the other, and to protect the weak from being victimised and their Human Rights violated.

Please hurry, because, the efforts and intrigues of World Diplomacy , are forcefully proceeding in order to pardon Turkey and legalise the fait – accompli, created by the force of arms, at the expense of the Human Rights of the refugees and displaced persons.

Should they succeed, the dangerous precedent shall be set for others.

Citizens of the World: Join us in our quest for justice. Do not forget. Our problem today could be anybody’s tomorrow. It happened before.

Read through and we are sure you will be able to make your own minds, in favour of justice.


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