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The Turkish Invasion and
the Consequences of Aggression

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THE DEFINITION OF THE CYPRUS PROBLEM: The Cyprus Problem is a case of foreign invasion and occupation. It is a case of continuing violation of the Basic Human Rights of 200.000 Greek Cypriots and over 60.000 Turkish Cypriots. (The figures refer to 1974)


In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus a Sovereign State, Member of the United Nations.

As a result:
40% of the Island ‘s territory was occupied by force, including 70% of the island’s productive resources.
37% of the population were forcibly evicted from their homes and property and became refugees in their own country.

This refugee population of Cyprus, is equivalent to:

48.000.000 Russians
100.000.000 Americans
27.000.000 Germans
20.000.000 British
21.000.000 Frenchmen


* 2.000 people dissappeared.
These included.
(a) People listed by the International Red Cross as prisoners of war.
(b) people evidently carried away alive in front of witnesses.

* Over 60.000, Turkish Cypriots have been compelled, or enticed by their leaders to leave their homes and property and to move to the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.

* 65.000 Turkish settlers were brought into the occupied areas, immediately after the ethnic cleansing of the 86% Greek Cypriot population from the occupied areas of Cyprus, thus altering drastically the demographic character of Cyprus at the expense of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Today over 200.000 Turkish settlers are living in the occupied areas of Cyprus.


* Freedom of movement between the North and South was initially prohibited by the Turkish troops, until the year 2003 when they allowed controlled movement into the occupied areas, seeking to obtain recognition of the illegal regime there.

* Over 200.000 people, are still refugees and Displaced in the south of Cyprus , and are being refused their basic right to return to their homes and property, and reselte there, despite the repeated call by numerous United Nation Resolutions on Cyprus.

Similarly, the 60.000 Turkish Cypriots, moved to the occupied North, are still being refused, by the Turkish troops the right to return to their homes and property in the free part of Cyprus.

* The fate of 2.000 Greek Cypriots who have been missing since the Turkish invasion in 1974, cannot be ascertained, because Turkey refuses to co-operate and account for there fate. Excavation of mass graves have began recently under the auspices of the United Nations Investigating Committee and the identity of about 250 missing people have been established but this is not enough. The investigations should be conclusive establishing how these people died and why and the responsible party to be held accountable.

* The Greek Cypriots who remained enclaved in the North, are steadily decreasing. The few thousand, in 1975, when an agreement was signed in Vienna, quaranteeing their well being and freedom of movement, are now only a few hundreds and their numbers are decreasing under Turkish pressure.


Cyprus , a peaceful country, is striving since 1974 , for a just and viable solution of the problem, which would end the occupation of the island, and restore the Human Rights of all the Cypriot people.

All efforts are made under the uspices of the United nations, and the Good Services of the Secretary –General of the United Nations.

All efforts have been unsuccessful due to the Turkish instransigence. The Turkish side systematically rejected every chance for a compromise and unilaterally have taken steps, towards making the partition of the island permanent, the climax of which was the unilateral declaration of the «Turkish Republic of North Cyprus».

Since the beginning of the year 2008, new efforts have begun and it is becoming clear, once more, that, Turkey is still refusing to abide with International Law and it is seeking to obtain recognition for the STATUS QUO in Cyprus.

We need help.

Each one of you can help.

You can influence your Government to press for:

* The restoration on the basic Human Rights of all the Cypriots.
* The return of all the refugees to their Homes and property.
* Freedom of movement.
* Freedom of settlement
* Right of ownership and work, in any part of a truly independent Cyprus, without occupying troops ,settlers and dividing lines.

Join us in our quest for justice and peace for ourselves and our children.

Our problem today may be yours tomorrow.

Cyprus demands
restoration of
Human rights
for all its People.

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