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«Kyrenia Refugees Association», ‘Adouloti Kerinia’, was founded in 1974 out of the ashes of the Turkish invasion, occupation and the forsible displacement of our people from their homes and properties.

The purpose of our Association is to keep the 35.000 (in 1974) Kyrenians together, nurse the memory of our homeland in our people’s hearts, teach our children about it and, to Co-ordinate our people’s struggle for the liberation of Cyprus from Turkish occupation and the return of all refugees to their homes and property.

The «Association» is administered by fifteen (15) member Committees, set up in 4 Division Branches in the free cities of Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca, where the Kyrenians have found temporary refuge, since the Turkish invasion. The Divisional Committee Members together, 60 in all, constitute the policy –making «Supreme Council» of the Association.

An 18 member Committee, in which all the Divisional Branches are represented, has the Executive authority and the responsibility to run the Association and implement the policies formulated by the «Executive Council».

In accordance with its Constitution, the Association shall be disbanded once Cyprus is liberated and all the refugees return to their homes and property.


The «Association’s» activities are divided into three categories:




Humanitarian activities: The Association is always ready and available to render any kind of material assistance, or advice, with regard to the Governmental policy on matters regarding assistance to the refugees.

Cultural activities: The Association runs a continuous programme of cultural events, aiming in:

1.Keeping our people together and maintain the ties with their roots.

2.Keeping the memory of the occupied Areas alive in the hearts of our people who lived there, before the war.

3. Teaching the young ones, who are being born after the occupation, all about their hometowns and villages.

4. Maintaining our people’s spirit and moral, at high levels.

Political activities: It is the priority of the Association: To follow closely the political developments in the Cyprus Problem and to ensure that all initiatives for a solution lead to the restoration of the Independence, Sovereignty and Unity of Cyprus, to the withdrawal of all Turkish troops and Turkish settlers from Cyprus and the restoration of the Human Rights of all Cypriots, Greeks , Turks, Maronites, Armenians, and other.


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